Hustle Oversized Glider Tee - Navy Blue

Hustle Oversized Glider Tee - Navy Blue

Feels like we are still in love with the oversized garments. Aren't we? Oversized Jersey tops with athletic and sports-inspired prints look awesome when styled with our favorite skinnies and cropped cover-ups. This all-new Hustle oversized vintage edition jersey made from sturdy material could be worn solo or styled with your favorite jeans or leggings. Wear this unisex Navy Blue beast with the crisp GLIDER graphic design on chest to keep it urban and chic. Combining this with your cut-offs or shorts would definitely put you under the limelight. Its big and boxy from all the right ways. Don't you worry about the comfort, Hustle outfits has always looked after it's foremost priority 😎


Material & Wash:

- Cotton

- Bio wash


Size Fit:

- Male model is wearing Size 2 t-shirt

- Female model is wearing Size 1 t-shirt

    Excluding Taxes